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Current recommendations for COVID-19

Stay home if you have newly arisen respiratory tract symptoms and feel unwell. You no longer need to be tested, and you do not need to stay home for four days with COVID-19. Contact a doctor if you need medical attention. The municipalities' test availability will continue for a while longer.

The current COVID-19 recommendations are:

  • Stay at home if you feel unwell and avoid contact with people at risk of a severe COVID-19 disease course if you have newly arisen respiratory tract symptoms.
  • You do not need to stay at home for 4 days.
  • Contact a doctor if you need medical attention.
  • You do not need to take a self-test. If you have a positive test result, the same advice applies to stay at home if you feel unwell.
  • You do not need to register positive self-test results with your municipality.
  • There are separate recommendations for those who have an increased risk of a severe COVID-19 disease course - Risk groups and their relatives (

  • See more about: Newly-arisen respiratory tract symptoms, COVID-19 testing and positive test results (

The test center is closed

In a letter sent by the Norwegian Directorate of Health to all the country's municipalities, it is stated that the scheme where the inhabitants could receive a free corona test will now be abolished. This means that you can no longer be tested for corona in Porsgrunn.

People who want a corona test and documentation of this, for example due to travel, must contact private providers.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 66,000 people have been tested at the test center and emergency room in Porsgrunn. The employees have made a super effort and have had hectic weekdays since the spring of 2020. The need for mass testing is no longer present.

The municipality is prepared to quickly step up the activity again if it should prove necessary. But as the situation is today, we no longer need a staffed test center.

Self-tests will still be available

If you need to take a quick test if you suspect corona, you can still pick it up at Borgehaven nursing home Monday-Friday at 10.00-14.00 and at Servicetorget in Bamble Monday-Friday at 07.30-15.00. It is not necessary to register a positive test.

We encourage you to wear a face mask when picking up the test.


Booking a vaccination appointment
You must call 35 54 78 00 yourself to book an appointment for vaccination. The phone is operated Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 08:30-15:00.

We vaccinate on Wednesdays

Vaccination premises
The vaccination takes place in the Beha quarter. The address is C. E. Berg-Hanssens gate 20, 2nd floor (with elevator). We have the same entrance as Porsgrunn dental clinic.

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