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Quick facts about Porsgrunn

Togheter for Porsgrunn

Quick facts PorsgrunnPORSGRUNN IN OUR HEARTS

Our history, combined with our track record within technology and export, creates excellent conditions for job creation and a brilliant living environment.

Businesses have established along our rivers and coastline, targeting external export markets, which has in turn given us influences from many countries.

We aim to be an attractive municipality where employees help resolve the challenges that you face, regardless of whether that is establishing a new business, building or living in Porsgrunn. Children need safe environments. We hope that major investment into the construction of new schools and varied leisure and culture activities promote wellbeing and quality of life. 36,000 people have chosen to make their home here. Together, we are Porsgrunn.

The people of Porsgrunn are special, and we are proud of our town. The sense of local patriotism is strong here. "We live for your wellbeing". This is easy to see. There is something here to suit everyone!

Total area: 163.85 km2
Land: 160.76 km²
Water: 3.09 km²
Number of islands: 443
Number of swimming baths: 20
Play and recreational areas 20.5 hectares
Play and recreational areas in built-up areas 70
Total length of hiking trails, paths and runs for summer use: 200 km
Total length of prepped ski runs: 50 km
Publicly protected recreation areas 31
Nature reserves protected under law: 23
Number of registered docking spaces: 860










 The town of Porsgrunn takes its name after the bog myrtle, or 'pors' in Norwegian. This deciduous, highly scented shrub grows knee-high or higher and tends to be found in marshlands near the coast. Historically, the bog myrtle was used to season beer for a bitter flavour and its leaves and stalks added to straw bedding to deter bed bugs. Bog myrtle infusions were used to treat scabies and wounds. Today, extracts of the plant are used in some alcoholic drinks found in Vinmonopolet.

Swimming pools 4 Sports halls 9
Gyms 7 Enclosed ball courts 10
Football courts 35 Artificial grass courts 12
Lit exercise trails 4 Tennis courts 8
Athletics facilities 4 Horse riding facilities 2
Shooting ranges 1 + several privately run initiatives  






Mayor: Robin Kåss (Ap)
Deputy mayor: Janicke Andreassen (Ap)
Committee chair for health and care: Heidi Gjøsæter (Ap)
Committee chair for education and children: Anders Rambekk (KrF)
Committee chair for environment and town planning: Trond Ingebretsen (Ap)


Head of the collaboration committee for the disabled: Ragnar Anundsen (Ap)
Head of Porsgrunn's sports council: Kjetil Fosse 
Head of the council for the elderly: Hans Martin Gullhaug (Ap)
Head of the multicultural committee: Merete Sjølie Pedersen (Ap)
Head of the Youth committee: Kamilla Mathea Mogstad
Head of the Audit committee: Erik Bystrøm (H)


Municipal Chief Executive: Per Wold
Municipal Executive for health and care: Aud Fleten
Municipal Executive for education and children: Tollef Stensrud
Municipal Executive for environment and town planning: Øistein Brinck

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